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Anasounds NAMM 2024 Success

Anasounds NAMM 2024 Success


Anasounds has returned from NAMM 2024, and Alexandre Ernandez, the founder of Anasounds, is pleased to announce the overwhelming success of the event.

According to Alex, there are exciting plans in the pipeline for the near future. The Utopia Deluxe, Dystopia, and Sandman received significant interest at NAMM.

We are thrilled to inform our valued customers that the Sandman is already available at FX Pedal Planet Online Store. The Utopia Deluxe and Dystopia will soon be offered once the completion of our studio construction is finalised.

Anasounds takes pride in crafting its product range by hand in France, featuring distinctive laser engraved real mahogany front plates. The circuits are modified classics, incorporating enhancements and features tailored to meet the needs of modern musicians. No compromises are made on the components, as only the very best are utilised in all Anasounds Pedals.

The Anasounds lineup spans overdrives, fuzz, time based pedals, power supplies, and DIY circuits for enthusiasts interested in building their own pedals.

For more detailed information on the Anasounds range, please click ANASOUNDS.

FX Pedal Planet Online Store extends gratitude to Alex for Anasounds' support. We look forward to the further development of our partnership, providing our customers access to these fantastic pedals.

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