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Discover OKKO FX Diablo Dual With Ambient Trash

Discover OKKO FX Diablo Dual With Ambient Trash


We invite you to explore a product demo video featuring Matt, the talent behind Ambient Trash, a Seattle based creative specialising in moody guitar effects pedal demonstrations. Matt's extensive presence on social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube, has attracted an impressive following of nearly 20,000 music enthusiasts.

In this exclusive product demo, Matt takes the OKKO FX Diablo Dual on a captivating journey. With a keen eye for detail and an ear for sound quality, he meticulously dissects the features of this extraordinary dual overdrive pedal to give you a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.

Matt initiates the demonstration with an insightful overview of the OKKO FX Diablo Dual. He delves into its performance in low gain settings, providing valuable insights into the pedal's nuances, including its unique feel and response.

Moving forward, Matt examines the Feed control, a feature that enables fine tuning of low frequencies in the input signal. This adjustment allows for tight and transparent sounds, even when using the fattest sounding neck pickups.

Matt then sheds light on the Input toggle, a three position mini switch that optimises the sensitivity of the input gain stage to ensure seamless interaction with your guitars.

Continuing with the demonstration, Matt discusses the Dynamics knob and its ability to adjust the internal voltage, ranging from about 6 to 18 volts. This parameter influences the headroom, resulting in less compression, tighter bass, and enhanced punch.

Matt then transitions to EQ shaping in higher gain settings and the versatile tone control. He further explores the Body control, which differentiates the OKKO FX Diablo Dual from its predecessors, enhancing bass and low mids for a distinct, fat sound and an altered gain structure.

The Mids Toggle is next on the agenda, showcasing its remarkable capacity to adjust tone frequencies, making it ideal for harmonising with both pedal and amp tones.

The video truly comes alive as Matt demonstrates the exceptional synergy achieved when both channels are stacked, leading into the realm of pushed cleans, revealing the depth and versatility of the OKKO FX Diablo Dual.

Since its debut two decades ago, OKKO FX Diablo pedals have secured a permanent place on thousands of pedalboards worldwide. The OKKO FX Diablo Dual builds upon the legacy of the classic OKKO FX Diablo circuit by incorporating highly requested features, offering unparalleled dynamic qualities, and delivering pristine, amp like tones. Notably, the OKKO FX Diablo Dual excels in synergy with clean amplifiers, a feature that sets it apart from other overdrive pedals.

What truly distinguishes the OKKO FX Diablo Dual are its controls, which influence the pedal's "feel" and responsiveness to your playing, allowing for a truly personalised and immersive experience.

To witness the versatility and tonal richness of the OKKO FX Diablo Dual, we encourage you to click the video below. Additionally, we invite you to subscribe to Ambient Trash's channels on INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE to stay updated on their latest content.

For more in depth information and additional demonstrations of the Diablo Dual and other exceptional pedals within the OKKO FX range, please click on OKKO FX. Thank you for joining us on this sonic journey, and we hope you enjoy exploring the OKKO FX Diablo Dual's capabilities.

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