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Discover the Magic: JAM Pedals Waterfall Demo

Discover the Magic: JAM Pedals Waterfall Demo


Pedalboard of the Day proudly presents its latest outstanding demonstration video, featuring the JAM Pedals Waterfall chorus and vibrato pedal.

Renowned as an industry leading demo channel, Pedalboard of the Day delivers a top tier showcase of the JAM Pedals Waterfall, highlighting its remarkable functions and captivating sounds.

A favoured choice among guitar, bass, and keyboard enthusiasts, the JAM Pedals Waterfall has cemented its position on the pedalboards of esteemed musicians such as John Scofield, Nels Cline, Steve Lukather, Anthony Jackson, and John Mesdeski for several years. It has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the finest analog chorus and vibrato effects pedals available in the market.

The JAM Pedals Waterfall boasts genuine BBD chips, faithfully replicating the Panasonic MN3207, and two convenient toggle switches. One switch seamlessly transitions between chorus and vibrato modes, while the other allows for an intensified "wetter" effect, yielding a deeper, more contemporary chorus or an enchantingly intense vibrato sound. Crank up the Depth and Speed controls, and you'll unleash mesmerising Leslie speaker like effects.

Distinguished for its exceptional versatility and the rich, 3D quality of its tones, the JAM Pedals Waterfall has even won over those who previously claimed to dislike chorus effects.

To experience the warm and inviting analog modulation of the JAM Pedals Waterfall, simply click on the video below. For more details about the Waterfall pedal and the complete range of JAM Pedals, please explore ART FOR YOUR EARS.

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