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Flattley Effects Pedals Tour 2024

Flattley Effects Pedals Tour 2024


Flattley Effects Pedals is delighted to announce their exhibition tour dates for 2024. Commencing in February at the Wirral Guitar Show, the tour spans the UK, with additional stops in Italy and Germany, concluding with a grand finale in Merseyside in December. 

Throughout the tour, Flattley Effects Pedals will showcase their handcrafted range of effects pedals. Prospective attendees are warmly encouraged to seize the opportunity to explore and experience these exceptional products firsthand. 

The diverse Flattley range caters to both guitarists and bass players, encompassing effects such as boost, overdrive, fuzz, modulation, EQ, and wah. Bass enthusiasts will be pleased to discover a dedicated selection of effects pedals, carefully designed and tuned to meet their specific requirements. 

For comprehensive information on the Flattley range of effects, interested parties are invited to visit FLATTLEY.

Flattley Effects Pedals eagerly anticipates welcoming attendees to their exhibitions, sharing the joy of music through their effects pedals

  • 11th February – Wirral Guitar Show 
  • 2nd and 3rd March – Birmingham Guitar Show 
  • 24th March – Northampton Guitar Show 
  • 7th April – North East Guitar Show 
  • 14th April – Bristol Guitar Show 
  • 18th and 19th May – Guitar Show Italy 
  • 9th June – North London Guitar Show 
  • 20th July – Brighton Guitar Show 
  • 4th August – Manchester Guitar Show 
  • 1st September – Cheshire Guitar Show 
  • 15th September – Leeds Bradford Guitar Show 
  • 27th, 28th and 29th September – Guitar Summit Germany 
  • 6th October – Coventry Guitar Show 
  • 27th October – London Guitar Show 
  • 3rd November – North Yorkshire Guitar Show 
  • 1st December – Merseyside Guitar Show 

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