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JAM Pedals Mixology 4: An Analog Experience

JAM Pedals Mixology 4: An Analog Experience


Introducing the fourth installment of the JAM Pedals Mixology series! In this episode, Jannis takes the Eureka, Harmonious Monk MKII, and Delay Llama MKIII for a captivating spin. Alongside these exceptional pedals, Jannis euses a Fiam Mirari guitar and a vintage 1960's blackface Fender Pro Reverb amplifier to create the tones.

The demo showcases the analog warmth and versatility of JAM Pedals, making it a must watch for any music enthusiast.

The JAM Pedals Eureka! is a true standout, utilising silicon transistors in a proprietary architecture to deliver the best of both worlds. It seamlessly collaborates with a diverse range of effects pedals, guitars, bass, amplifiers, and pickups while maintaining its unique and attention grabbing personality. Notably, the onboard three way toggle switch incrementally introduces more low end, offering a valuable feature for switching between single coil and humbucker equipped guitars or boosting solos. For those seeking a gated fuzz response, simply engage the toggle switch to the right with a strong enough signal.

Deepening the love for harmonic and amplitude tremolo, the JAM Pedals Harmonious Monk MKII builds on the success of JAM Pedals' award winning collaboration with That Pedal Show. This pedal retains its all analog circuitry and modern classic tone while introducing new features that enhance its usability for guitars, keys, and more.

The JAM Pedals Delay Llama MKIII is a tonal masterpiece, adding warmth and depth to your sound through organic repeats, thanks to its BBD chips, faithful reproductions of the Panasonic MN3205. Its straightforward layout is designed for delay users looking to elegantly enhance their hard earned tone, reminiscent of a tape echo machine's simplicity.

The JAM Pedals Delay Llama MKIII retains its user friendly form factor while introducing features like Tap Tempo with subdivisions and a Hold function for self oscillation. Additionally, you have the option to set the bypass mode to trails (buffered) or true bypass. With a maximum delay time of 600 ms, this delay pedal is equally suitable for use with bass guitars.

For more in depth information about the exceptional range of JAM Pedals, please click, ART FOR YOUR EARS.

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