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JAM Pedals Mixology 5: Musical Textures with Pedals

JAM Pedals Mixology 5: Musical Textures with Pedals


Explore the 5th episode of JAM Pedals Mixology, featuring Jannis Anastasakis, the founder of JAM Pedals.  

In this session, Jannis demonstrates the interaction between the Delay Llama MKIII, Harmonious Monk MKI and MKII, along with the Eureka and Wahcko pedals. Through simple riffs, Jannis demonstrates the pedals' ability to create intricate textures and rhythms effortlessly. 

The Delay Llama MKIII is designed to enhance your sound with organic repeats using Panasonic MN3205 BBD chips. Its straightforward layout caters to delay enthusiasts seeking a tape echo like enhancement without complexity. Features like Tap Tempo, Hold functions, and flexible bypass options provide versatility for different playing styles. 

With a maximum delay time of 600ms, the Delay Llama MKIII is adaptable for both guitar and bass players. 

The Harmonious Monk, a collaboration between JAM Pedals and That Pedal Show, offers an all analog harmonic tremolo with selectable LFOs and controls for modulation intensity. Its design allows precise modulation adjustments to complement your tone. 

The Eureka fuzz pedal combines germanium fuzz dynamics and Muff style distortion using silicon transistors. Its toggle switch adapts to various setups, making it versatile across different instruments and effects. 

Known for its expressiveness, the Wahcko pedal stands out with its bufferless design, allowing seamless integration with impedance sensitive pedals, offering diverse tonal possibilities.  

For a deeper dive into JAM Pedals' offerings, please click, ART FOR YOUR EARS.

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