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Magrabo Straps: Handcrafted Elegance for Your Instrument

Magrabo Straps: Handcrafted Elegance for Your Instrument


I recently acquired an Epiphone Riviera guitar and sought a fitting strap for it. Having followed Magrabo Straps on social media for some time, I decided to acquire one of their straps for my new instrument.

Opting for a beautiful white strap, I was impressed by both their swift delivery and the high quality craftsmanship of the strap. This prompted me to approach Magrabo regarding a dealership opportunity.

As a result, FX Pedal Planet Online Store now proudly carries an extensive selection of these exquisite guitar and bass straps, all handcrafted in Italy.

My primary guitar holds significant sentimental value, it's a custom S style instrument hand built by Rob Williams Guitars in memory of my late mother, who adored daffodils and elephants. Her name, along with engravings of daffodils and elephants, embellishes the headstock, pickguard, and neck plate, skillfully done by Indra Guitars.

In my quest to find the perfect complement for this guitar, I turned to Magrabo Straps. Their diverse range made choosing quite challenging. I sought guidance from Francesca at Magrabo Straps, providing an image of my guitar. Francesca graciously returned an image showcasing various stunning straps alongside my guitar, ultimately assisting in selecting a beautifully embossed strap from the lineup.

I'm thrilled with the resulting strap and delighted to collaborate with Magrabo Straps. I extend my gratitude to Francesca and look forward to offering our customers the beautiful straps offered by Magrabo Finest Italian Guitar Straps.

Steve Dennis

FX Pedal Planet Online Store

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