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Octaurus LTD Pre-Order: Secure Yours with Confidence Now

Octaurus LTD Pre-Order: Secure Yours with Confidence Now


Global response to the JAM Pedals Octaurus LTD has been exceptional, and FX Pedal Planet Online Store extends gratitude to our customers who have made purchases through their platform.

Due to overwhelming demand, JAM Pedals has temporarily suspended pre orders for the Octaurus LTD, as they carefully assess the remaining inventory of their NOS silicon transistors. A recent social media announcement from JAM Pedals stated:

We are currently not able to accept further orders or waiting list requests for the Octaurus ltd. We need to carefully evaluate the remainder of our NOS silicon transistors' inventory after which time we will be able to safely determine availability and build times for further batches. We allocate some units of each batch to orders placed by our dealers, so unless they have pre-sold theirs, you should be able to find some with them as every batch gets shipped. Your response to the bull has been phenomenal, and we are very moved by the feedback shared from those of you who own and play one! In the meantime stay tuned for more news ;)

Fortunately, FX Pedal Planet Online Store has secured a limited number of units ahead of the announcement, with an expected stock arrival in April 2024. Customers can secure their OCTAURUS LTD by clicking on the designated link.

Upon pre ordering, customers will receive an itemised receipt and the flexibility to cancel at any time. Alternatively, customers can choose to wait, and FX Pedal Planet Online Store will provide regular updates throughout the process, delivering the pedal promptly upon its arrival.

The team at FX Pedal Planet Online Store extends heartfelt thanks to their valued customers for their continuous support and patience during this period.

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