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Philip Czarnecki Explores ThorpyFX

Philip Czarnecki Explores ThorpyFX's Dane MKII Magic


Introducing the latest demo video from acclaimed YouTube artist, Philip Czarnecki, who delves into the intricacies of the ThorpyFX The Dane MKII. In this comprehensive demonstration, Philip kicks off with a jam session before providing insightful commentary on the pedal's remarkable features. The video explores both the overdrive and boost sides individually, showcasing their capabilities, and culminates in a demonstration of gain stacking. 

Celebrating five years of exceptional tone and a fruitful collaboration with Danish Pete, the ThorpyFX The Dane has undergone a transformative makeover. The MKII boasts a sleek new appearance, featuring a compact black anodised aluminum enclosure. Beyond the aesthetic upgrade, ThorpyFX has introduced an exciting new feature to enhance your sound.

Retaining its signature dual sides for Drive and Boost, the Dane MKII now offers the option to switch the Boost from the standard DP (Danish Pete) clipping to Heavier Clipping (HC). This additional feature, reminiscent of the Heavy Water's second channel, provides an extra gritty edge when desired. Meticulously designed with Danish Pete's exacting standards in mind, the ThorpyFX The Dane MKII has become more versatile than ever, evolving into a true sonic masterpiece.

The pedal's left side offers a complex light to medium gain overdrive, while the right side provides a high headroom super clean boost. What sets the Dane MKII apart is the seamless transition from boost to drive, presenting three distinct tonal variations, from a clean boost to full, fat saturation.

This updated signature pedal of Peter "Danish Pete" Honoré empowers musicians to sculpt their guitar tone with precision and ease. It transcends the realm of an ordinary pedal, offering a versatile tool for exploring a wide tonal spectrum.

Enhance your music with the ThorpyFX The Dane MKII and unlock a new realm of sonic possibilities today. For additional information on The Dane MKII and other pedals within the ThorpyFX range, please visit THORPY. Don't forget to show your support by liking and subscribing to Philip's YOUTUBE and INSTAGRAM channels for more exceptional content.

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