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That Pedal Show: 10 Awesome Guitar Fuzz Pedals

That Pedal Show: 10 Awesome Guitar Fuzz Pedals


In the latest episode of That Pedal Show, hosts Dan and Mick explore ten exceptional fuzz pedals, and we are delighted to announce that four of these outstanding devices are available at FX Pedal Planet Online Store.

Presented on their official YouTube channel, Dan and Mick invite viewers to join them on a sonic journey, delving into the distinctive realm of guitar fuzz pedals. Acknowledging the polarising nature of fuzz tones, they offer a captivating showcase of ten effectors designed to captivate and inspire.

Throughout the episode, Dan and Mick thoroughly examine pedals such as the Pete Cornish NG-2, OKKO FX Holy Grit, Electro Harmonix Russian Big Muff, and more. Emphasising the excellence of each fuzz pedal, FX Pedal Planet encourages customers to explore these devices via the links provided by That Pedal Show.

Four top notch fuzz pedals available at FX Pedal Planet Online Store: the OKKO FX Holy Grit, ThorpyFX Tacit Blue, CopperSound Pedals Renegade, and JAM Pedals Octaurus LTD, all featured on the That Pedal Show board.

Let's take a closer look at these exceptional fuzz pedals:

OKKO FX Holy Grit

The OKKO FX Holy Grit blends the clarity and dynamic response of a top notch overdrive with the raw and intricate texture of a vintage fuzz. Offering versatility and intuitive controls, it caters to a range of musical styles and instruments, delivering a spectrum from cleanish boost to full blown vintage amp sounds.

ThorpyFX Tacit Blue

As part of ThorpyFX's Vintage Reimagined series, the Tacit Blue introduces a unique twist on the classic germanium fuzz sound. With a small transformer as a secret weapon, it provides sonic versatility, allowing users to place it anywhere in their pedal chain. The Smooth control, alongside other fine tuning options, ensures a personalised and exceptional fuzz experience.

CopperSound Pedals Renegade

The CopperSound Pedals Renegade is a compact and powerful fuzz pedal that revolutionises tone. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Tone Bender MK1.5, it offers multiple bias modes for versatile fuzz experiences. Its micro sized enclosure, high gain silicon transistors, and true bypass switching guarantee convenience and pristine signal integrity.

JAM Pedals Octaurus LTD

The Octaurus LTD from JAM Pedals' custom shop is an exclusive and limited edition octafuzz pedal, marrying vintage essence with modern finesse. Crafted with NOS early 60s silicon transistors, it delivers crystal clear octave tones across all pickup positions. With various voicing options, clipping choices, and meticulous construction, it stands as a singular powerhouse of sound innovation.

For more in depth information on these exceptional fuzz pedals, customers are encouraged to follow the provided links.

Additionally, FX Pedal Planet Online Store expresses gratitude to its valued customers and suppliers, as well as encourages them to subscribe to That Pedal Show for more enriching content and pedal education. Visit for merchandise and support, recognising the pivotal role it plays in sustaining the show's excellence in the industry.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all customers and suppliers who continue to support FX Pedal Planet Online Store

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