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That Pedal Show Review Valve Overdrive Pedals

That Pedal Show Review Valve Overdrive Pedals


That Pedal Show has established itself as a leader in music gear education and reviews. For years, Dan and Mick have shared their extensive knowledge of tone and electronics with musicians worldwide.

Known for being both fun and educational, That Pedal Show brings a vibrant energy to their videos. Dan and Mick's friendly approach makes viewers feel like they’re hanging out with old friends.

In their latest episode, Dan and Mick delve into the world of real valve overdrive pedals, including an in depth look at the new ThorpyFX Electric Lightning.

The ThorpyFX Electric Lightning is your gateway to unparalleled sonic excellence and creative freedom. Designed for guitarists who crave authentic, dynamic tones, this pedal effortlessly blends the vintage warmth of valve overdrive with the pristine clarity of a high headroom clean boost.

At its heart, the Electric Lightning features a unique dual personality:

  • On one side, it offers a rich valve overdrive with a 3-band EQ
  • On the other, a clean boost with exceptional headroom

What sets the Electric Lightning apart is its ingenious cascading design. The boost channels into the valve overdrive, providing a versatile range of tones from subtle enhancements to intense saturation.

With the ThorpyFX Electric Lightning, every nuance of your sound is at your fingertips. Its intuitive controls allow you to fine tune your tone with precision:

The Electric Lightning is built to withstand years of use, featuring high quality components like 1% metal film resistors, WIMA and Panasonic capacitors, and durable through hole plated PCBs. This ensures consistent, noise free performance, allowing you to focus on your music without worry.

Whether you’re shredding solos or crafting soulful rhythms, the ThorpyFX Electric Lightning is your trusted ally, ready to elevate your sound and inspire your creativity.

For more details on the Electric Lightning and other ThorpyFX products, visit THORPY.

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