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The Tone Lounge Introduces the Flattley DG Fuzz Showcase

The Tone Lounge Introduces the Flattley DG Fuzz Showcase


The Tone Lounge unveils a comprehensive demonstration of the Flattley Boutique Effects Pedals DG Fuzz. In this engaging video, viewers are taken on a journey led by Jonathan, as he delves into the DG Fuzz's remarkable features and sonic capabilities. 

Jonathan, the host of our channel, explores a wide range of topics, including Vox amplifiers such as the Vox AC15c1 and Vox AC4BL, among others. He also conducts extensive pedal demos and continuously seeks out exciting new content.

In the demo video, Jonathan takes you through the intricate controls of the Flattley Boutique Effects Pedals DG Fuzz, showcasing its exceptional capabilities with bass, where every low note retains a well defined character. He then transitions to demonstrating the DG Fuzz with a Stratocaster. Additional gear used in the demo includes the Vox AC15c1 with WGS Black and Blue, a Shure SM57 microphone, a Gretsch 5622t, an EBMM Steve Morse, 48ers Loveliner, Squier Classic Vibe Strat, Fender Telecaster, and Squier P-Bass.

The Flattley Guitar Pedals DG Fuzz represents a harmonious fusion of Flattley's renowned "The Ace" tone booster pedal and the vintage 1960s style fuzz, complete with an era appropriate tone stack. This dual pedal not only offers musicians a versatile array of tonal possibilities but also seamlessly integrates into their pedal chain, thanks to the built in buffer.

In the pursuit of tonal perfection, the Flattley Guitar Pedals DG Fuzz provides musicians with four meticulously designed control knobs and a true bypass switch, putting them firmly in command of their sound. The Grunt, Tone, Fuzz, and Volume knobs allow for precise sculpting of the sound to suit individual preferences, while the true bypass functionality ensures the pedal remains unobtrusive when not in use, preserving the pristine core sound.

Whether you're after a rich, full bodied fuzz, a balanced '60s-inspired tone, or a raw, vintage edge, the DG Fuzz caters to your sonic aspirations. The video guides you through the process of achieving these distinct tonal profiles.

Flattley's commitment to enhancing the live performance experience is evident in every detail. The DG Fuzz features a blue halo light ring to prevent momentary blinding during crucial performances, 20mm anodised aluminum control knobs meticulously etched for a personalised touch on your pedalboard, and a stylish red custom etched aluminum footswitch topper for added style.

Every "Flattley Platinum Range" pedal undergoes an artisanal hand processing journey within Flattley's paint shop, resulting in a high gloss finish with a touch of magic, thanks to metallic holographic chrome flake. The hydro dipping process ensures precise graphics, and meticulous hand polishing techniques guarantee a lustrous appearance.

Stand out on stage and embark on a journey of sonic exploration with the DG Fuzz. Experience the difference that Flattley's dedication to craftsmanship and innovation can make in your music.

To witness the exceptional tones of the Flattley Effects Pedals DG Fuzz, click the video and enjoy.

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