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ThorpyFX Custom Enclosure: Artistry Meets Charity in Hotrod Style

ThorpyFX Custom Enclosure: Artistry Meets Charity in Hotrod Style


ThorpyFX is pleased to announce that they have collaborated with UK artist Dan from Paynes Pinstriping to create a custom enclosure adorned with an American hotrod theme. This collaboration is in support of an upcoming charity pedal project.

In the words of Adrian Thorpe, the founder and designer of ThorpyFX.

We have had one of our single enclosures hand airbrushed with an awesome Americana, hotrod theme by Dan of Paynes Pinstriping. Dan kindly donated his time and skill to this project in order that we can offer it as part of a charity pedal we plan to do soon.

But here’s the question? Which of our single pedals should we put in the middle of this incredible piece of art? I think it should be put to all you awesome folks… so comment below and let us know please. Of and please give Paynes Pinstriping too!!

The ThorpyFX product range is synonymous with excellence, and we are confident that whichever circuit is selected for this exceptional enclosure, it will be a resounding success.

For the latest updates on this project as it unfolds, we suggest subscribing to ThorpyFX social media pages, INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. We also encourage customers to explore the remarkable work of Dan at PAYNES PINSTRIPING. Rest assured, ThorpyFX will continue to keep everyone informed through their social media platforms and official website. In addition, we will provide updates as and when the are available.

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