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Victory Amps

Victory Amps' MK Series: Amp Excellence Unveiled


FX Pedal Planet Online Store extends its congratulations to Victory Amps, our esteemed suppliers, on the launch of two new boutique guitar amplifiers, namely the MK Clean and MK Overdrive.

Renowned for his groundbreaking work in the field, Martin Kidd, the chief designer for Victory and Cornford Amplification, has left an indelible mark on the British amp design landscape over the past 30 years. Having collaborated with notable brands such as Fortin, Ampeg, and PRS, and having worked closely with some of the world's foremost guitarists, Martin Kidd's expertise shines through in Victory's latest releases.

The year 2024 marks the unveiling of two meticulously crafted valve guitar amplifiers, the MK Clean and MK Overdrive, representing the culmination of Martin's extensive career. With a commitment to excellence, these hand made and hand wired amps are produced in England with no compromises, restrictions, or limits.

The MK Series amps are available for customisation, offering a range of finishes, panel colours, handles, corners, and authentic leather coverings supplied exclusively by Muirhead Scottish Leather, known for catering to prestigious entities such as the House of Lords, Rolls Royce, The Orient Express, Aston Martin, and now Victory Amplification.

Each amplifier undergoes a meticulous inspection by Martin Kidd himself, with his signature ensuring the highest standard before leaving the factory in England.

MK Clean

Victory proudly introduces the MK Clean, a 100 watt amplifier with 4 x 6L6 power tubes, delivering a distinctive high headroom sound. Designed with blues and country players in mind, the MK Clean breaks up beautifully and is pedal friendly.

Martin Kidd's vision for the MK Clean was to create the ultimate clean amplifier, starting from the V140 as an early reference point. However, the final circuit evolved into a unique amplifier focused on providing the ideal amount of clean headroom for blues and country genres.

Featuring two voices, Voice 1 with a 50s vibe and Voice 2 introducing more upper midrange, the MK Clean includes an Accutronics long tank placed upside down for optimal high end decay. With controls such as reverb send, presence, bass switch, and bright switch, the amp offers versatility for various guitar styles.

MK Overdrive

Answering the long standing question of which Victory amp resembles the Cornford MK50, the MK Overdrive is Martin's ultimate overdrive amp. Versatile enough to cater to all gain players, it features a Clean channel with its own gain control, presence, resonance controls, and a voice switch for added upper mids.

The Overdrive channel is designed for heavier rock and modern Metal, equipped with its presence and resonance control. A Gain 1 and 2 switch provides the flexibility to achieve both crunch and lead sounds, each with individual gain and volume controls. Voice 1/2 adjustments and a master volume further enhance control across channels.

For in depth information and product availability, we encourage our valued customers to explore the Victory Amps website at

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