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Collision Devices

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Collision Devices

Welcome to the creative world of Collision Devices, where authenticity, quality, innovation, and craftsmanship converge. Collision Devices was born from the creative partnership of Baptiste and Denis, whose shared vision sparked a journey that commenced in 2016 and continues to unfold. As an official UK dealer, FX Pedal Planet Online Store is proud to introduce you to the captivating world of Collision Devices

Collision Devices crafts groundbreaking effects pedals that push the boundaries of sonic possibilities. From fuzz with analogue filters to sound destruction devices, shimmering reverb with modulated delay, tremolo, pitch shifted reverb, and destruction fuzz, their circuits redefine the limits of instrument sound manipulation. Whether you play guitar, bass, synth, or any other instrument, Collision Devices offers innovative sonic solutions whatever your style. 

At the heart of Collision Devices beats a team of passionate artisans: Baptiste, Nicolas, Aubin, and Denis. Each member brings a unique expertise and dedication to the table, shaping the essence of Collision Devices

Baptiste, with his keen eye for detail and an innate sense of aesthetics, infuses every creation with meticulous attention to shape, texture, and material, elevating them to the pinnacle of creativity and luxury design. 

Denis, the visionary, delves into the realms of experimentation and innovation, channelling his inspiration from ambient, noise, and experimental music to craft effects that push the boundaries of conventional soundscapes. 

Nicolas, the skilled assembler, oversees the complex process of breathing life into each pedal. He meticulously ensures that every unit aligns with the rigorous quality standards that define Collision Devices

And then there's Aubin, the development wizard of Collision Devices who spearheads top secret projects that promise to redefine the landscape of musical expression. 

Not forgetting Bernie and Pol, the charming feline companions at Collision Devices, who add their unique charm to the workshop nestled near Angers in the picturesque west of La France. 

Explore our exceptional range of products crafted to unleash your creativity's full potential and breathe life into your music. 

  • Black Hole Symmetry: Experience warm waves, space reverb, and destructive fuzz with the Black Hole Symmetry pedal, handcrafted in France. Lifetime warranty included
  • TARS: Fuzz/filter pedal inspired by space, originating from the Black Hole Symmetry
  • Singularity: One knob fuzz with toggle switch for three filter frequencies
  • Nocturnal Ltd: Craft cinematic soundscapes with shimmering reverb, dynamic tremolo, and modulated delay effects


Collision Devices' exceptional quality is evident in its artist roster, featuring professional musicians and music producers like: 

AA Williams, Alun Eliott Wiliams, Anto and Antonio, Anthony Gonzales, Anthony J Resta, Anton Mocock and Jack Looker, Anton Newcombe, Chris Dudley, Ed O’Brien, Emily Hopkins, Karin Park, Lee Kiernan, Neil Westfall, Slow Crush, The Armed, Wanda and many more.