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CopperSound Pedals

CopperSound Pedals embarked on its journey in the winter of 2014 with a simple goal: to create exceptional effects pedals while gaining valuable knowledge along the way. Little did they know, the demand for their custom builds would surge rapidly among friends and colleagues. The workbench quickly filled up, with new orders pouring in before each pedal could be completed.

Handcrafted with meticulous care, CopperSound Pedals soon caught the attention of musicians worldwide. From Grammy award winning guitar heroes and celebrated songwriters to boundary pushing sound sculptors and aspiring bedroom rockers, their pedals have become cherished tools that ignite creativity.

Amidst this flourishing era of musical gear, CopperSound Pedals expresses heartfelt gratitude for choosing their products. From their Massachusetts based shop to your pedalboard, they aspire to inspire and accompany you on your musical journey. Every device is lovingly handmade in the United States, a testament to their unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Discover the sonic possibilities that await as CopperSound Pedals continue to push the limits of sonic manipulation. Join the community of artists who trust CopperSound Pedals to explore new aural horizons.


CopperSound Pedals is honored to have an esteemed roster of world class musicians who have embraced their pedals for their exceptional quality. Among these influential artists are:

  • Jack White
  • Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top
  • Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick
  • Melanie Faye
  • Phil X of Bon Jovi
  • Keith Urban
  • Jason Freese of Green Day
  • Pete Thorn
  • Dave Keary of Van Morrison
  • Josh Horn
  • Tyler Bryant
  • Julianna Wilson

These renowned musicians, along with many others, have chosen CopperSound Pedals as their go to for achieving outstanding sonic possibilities. Join the ranks of these extraordinary artists and experience the excellence that CopperSound Pedals brings to your music.

CopperSound Pedals offers an impressive range of meticulously crafted effects pedals and DIY accessories, designed to elevate your musical experience. Explore our current lineup, which includes:

  • CopperSound Pedals Telegraph V2 Autostutter & Killswitch
  • CopperSound Pedals Renegade Multi Bias Fuzz
  • CopperSound Pedals Gravity Bomb V2 Clean Boost and Mids Enhancer
  • CopperSound Pedals Foxcatcher Overdrive & Boost
  • CopperSound Pedals Loma Prieta Gritty Harmonic Tremolo
  • CopperSound Pedals Polaris Analog Chorus and Vibrato
  • CopperSound Pedals Triplegraph and Jack White Digital Polyphonic Octave Pedal
  • CopperSound Pedals Broadway Treble Booster and Germanium Pre Amp
  • CopperSound Pedals Strategy V2 Two Channel Pre Amp and Overdrive (Customisable)
  • CopperSound Pedals Active ABY
  • CopperSound Pedals Passive ABY
  • CopperSound Pedals Dual Tap
  • CopperSound Pedals Buffer
  • CopperSound Pedals Pedalboard Flashlight (Custom Color)
  • CopperSound Pedals Pedalboard Flashlight (Standard Grey)
  • CopperSound Pedals DIY Breadboards
  • CopperSound Pedals DIY Substitution Boxes
  • CopperSound Pedals DIY Solder Dispenser
  • CopperSound Pedals DIY Toggle Switch Adapters
  • CopperSound Pedals DIY Dual Gang Pot Adapter
  • CopperSound Pedals DIY Precut and Stripped Wire
  • CopperSound Pedals DIY 9V Battery Snap

Experience the unparalleled construction and sonic excellence of CopperSound Pedals, meticulously designed to inspire your musical journey.