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Electro-Faustus started back in 2008 when two friends, Joe Vella and Eric Kessel, decided on a whim to sell a few oscillators.  Joe and Eric sold a few… and then a few more… and decided to keep at it.  Electro-Faustus have been creating outrageous musical instruments and effects pedals ever since.

Electro-Faustus' goal is to spread the joy of noise making through their high quality boutique effects pedals.  Used alone or incorporated into a pre existing setup, Electro-Faustus noise devices add a mixture of power and uniqueness to any artist’s sound palate.  From bedroom recording maniacs to established recording artists, live or in the studio, Electro-Faustus is the key to your sonic madness!

The Electro-Faustus range of effects pedals includes:

  • Electro-Faustus Death Whistle
  • Electro-Faustus Photo Theremin
  • Electro-Faustus Guitar Disruptor
  • Electro-Faustus Drum Thing
  • Electro-Faustus Blackfly
  • Electro-Faustus Blackfly Modular
  • Electro-Faustus Astral Whip
  • Electro-Faustus Theremorph
  • Electro-Faustus Drone
  • Electro-Faustus Infektor


Electro-Faustus boutique effects pedal devices are proudly designed in New York, USA.

FX Pedal Planet Limited and FX Pedal Planet Online Store are proud to be UK dealers for Electro-Faustus.  If we do not have the Electro-Faustus effects pedal required, please message us via the contacts page and we will do our best to get the product in that you want at the very best price and service.

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