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Flattley Guitar Pedals

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Flattley Guitar Pedals

Flattley Guitar Pedals, situated in Gloucestershire, England, and founded by Paul Flattley in 2016, is a family operated business renowned for crafting exceptional guitar effect pedals. Their commitment to quality resonates within a 30 mile radius of Gloucestershire, emphasising the authentic "Made in England" distinction.

With over 30 years of experience in the Aviation Avionics sector, Paul Flattley's journey from the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm to effect pedal crafting is marked by unwavering dedication. Every Flattley pedal, meticulously hand crafted and wired, encapsulates Paul's passion and devotion, creating a personalised touch.

As an accomplished musician, Paul understands the nuanced demands of various genres. This insight fuels Flattley's pedal designs, focusing on versatility and function. The journey of each pedal involves concept, meticulous prototype testing, premium component integration, thorough circuitry testing, and fine tuning, all dedicated to the brand's signature tonal excellence.

The enclosures, whether platinum or silver, are treated as individual works of art. An intricate process, including hydro dipping, multi coat lacquering, and precise polishing, results in the distinct and lustrous finish that defines Flattley Pedals.

Flattley products adhere to RoHS and CE standards, packaged sustainably, and backed by a 12 month guarantee. The company treasures customer feedback as a driving force for innovation while honouring traditional craftsmanship.

Flattley Guitar Pedals extends heartfelt gratitude to dedicated customers, old and new, for embracing their products. Paul Flattley's unyielding commitment ensures each pedal enhances musicians' setups, amplifying the realm of music with every stroke.

The Flattley Boutique Effects Pedals range includes:

Platinum Range

  • Centurion: Transparent Overdrive, famous tone style
  • DG Fuzz: Dual pedal - tone booster & '60s fuzz
  • Revolution: Dynamic Overdrive, powerful and flexible
  • Solaris Pro: Fuzz with Boost, fuzz without fuss
  • Violet: Tremolo, classic circuit with warm tones
  • Wah Type I: 3 in 1 Wah, multi-functional wah pedal
  • Wah Type II: Wah, 100K potentiometer with halo inductor

Silver Range

  • Crazy Diamond: Vibe Pedal, 'univibe' phaser effect
  • Nirvana: Analogue Delay, warm tone with depth
  • Plexstar: Plexi Drive, JTM 45 amp emulation
  • Poison Ivy: Octave Harmonic Fuzz, vintage sound with adjustments
  • Silver Centurion: Transparent Overdrive, famous transparent drive
  • Star Fazer: Phaser, 4 stage phaser with adjustable depth
  • The Ace: Tone Boost, versatile clean/treble/bass boost

Bass Pedals

  • Bass Chief: Bass Overdrive, op amp distortion for bass
  • Bass Filtron: Envelope Filter, auto wah effect
  • Bass Nirvana: Analogue Delay, delay pedal for bass
  • Bass Poison Ivy: Bass Fuzz, preamp-style fuzz
  • Bass Star Fazer: Phaser, 4 stage phaser for bass
  • Bass Wah Type I: 3 in 1 Wah, multi functional wah
  • Bass Wah Type II: Wah, with 100K potentiometer and halo inductor


Countless renowned musicians, including Midge Ure, Simon McBride, Dan Lawson, Scott Weiss, and a host of others, have embraced and made music with Flattley Guitar Effects.