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Stumpbox Pedals

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Stumpbox Pedals

Stumpbox Pedals, founded and operated by Andy, is dedicated to crafting exceptional guitar and bass effects pedals. Drawing inspiration from the classic vintage pedals beloved by renowned artists, Andy adds modern refinements to enhance their usability for contemporary recording. The pedals are meticulously designed using analog based approaches, employing carefully selected, top notch components to ensure unwavering performance and reliability.

Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey with Stumpbox Pedals, Andy pursued a career in electrical and electronics engineering for over three decades in the corporate realm. However, his lifelong passion for guitars and guitar electronics eventually led him to establish his own business, allowing him to channel his expertise and creativity into a tangible endeavor.

Curious about the origins of the company's name? "Stump" in Stumpbox is an homage to the esteemed Stump Tailed Macaques, also known as "Stumpies," who reside at Monkey World in Dorset. Monkey World is a remarkable primate rescue center established in 1987 by the late Jim Cronin and Jeremy Keeling. Today, it is expertly managed by Jim's wife, Alison, and her exceptional team. The center is home to over 250 rescued and endangered apes and monkeys from various parts of the world, including the largest group of chimpanzees outside of Africa. Monkey World's daily operations are featured in the highly popular television show "Monkey Life."

Stumpbox Pedals takes great pride in being a longstanding sponsor of Monkey World. As part of their commitment, for every Stumpbox pedal sold, the company donates £1 to support the center's incredible work. These funds directly contribute to the Ape Rescue Trust, a dedicated and transparent fund that is exclusively used for rescuing and rehabilitating primates in need. Importantly, no administrative costs are deducted, ensuring that the entirety of the donation goes towards supporting the welfare and well-being of these remarkable animals. By aligning with Monkey World, Stumpbox Pedals showcases their dedication to both musical craftsmanship and the preservation of our primate counterparts.

The Stumpbox Pedals range of effects pedals includes:

  • Get Fuzzed Silver Knob Version 
  • Get Fuzzed Black Knob Version 
  • Get Fuzzed Gold Knob Version 

The core objective of Stumpbox Pedals is to create effects pedals that deliver captivating tones, inspiring both guitarists and bassists to create truly extraordinary music, whether they're performing live on stage or playing in the comfort of their homes. By striving for excellence in their designs, Stumpbox Pedals seeks to empower musicians with tools that ignite their artistic expression and elevate their playing experience. 


Stumpbox Pedals are located on the Wirral, UK