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Welcome to Tubesteader, a renowned workshop based in Montreal specialising in the creation of premium vacuum tube guitar pedals. Tubesteader stands as a leading name in the industry, focusing on authentic sound reproduction inspired by sought after tube amps

Tubesteader's meticulously designed pedals are engineered to faithfully recreate the warmth and character of premium valve amps, providing musicians with exceptional sonic fidelity. Crafted with precision in their Montreal workshop, each Tubesteader pedal is a testament to the fusion of craftsmanship and a passion for tone. 

Guitarists can explore the Tubesteader difference with compact sized, lightweight pedals that offer signal chain versatility, standard DC voltage power, and an attractive price point. At the heart of every Tubesteader creation is a carefully selected vacuum tube operating at the optimal high voltage, ensuring a superior sonic performance that resonates with musicians and enthusiasts alike. 

As a company, Tubesteader prides itself on the meticulous handcrafting of each pedal, ensuring quality and performance with every product. Guided by a simple credo, a satisfying tone enhances the playing experience, Tubesteader's commitment to excellence is evident in every pedal they produce. 

Exploring the range of premium vacuum tube guitar pedals allows individuals to experience the Tubesteader difference. Experience the difference with pedals that inspire and captivate, backed by Tubesteader's dedication to quality and an unwavering pursuit of the perfect tone. 

Explore the exceptional array of products by Tubesteader:

  • Magnezium: A dual channel preamp inspired by the revered Magna Super 59 amp's signature sound
  • Eggnog: A single channel tube overdrive recalling the iconic 1950s Fullerton yellow patterned amplifiers' character
  • Sunkeeper: A dual channel, all tube preamp capturing the timeless Orange sound with distinctive channels
  • Beekeeper: A hand built guitar preamp pedal featuring two high voltage vacuum tubes, inspired by the ODS circuit
  • Lightkeeper: An all analog tube preamp delivering coveted Dumble clean channel dynamics and touch sensitive sound
  • Lightkeeper V2: Based on the early Dumble ODS High Plate design, an all tube preamp with exceptional clean channel tonality