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Intensive Care Audio Life Support

Life Support


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  • High fidelity, all analog overdrive and distortion pedal for transformative guitar tonality
  • Achieve sparkly clean tones, natural tube like breakup, and gritty distortions
  • Diverse sound spectrum from transparent soft breakup to compressed, saturated distortion
  • Subtractive treble filter for balancing high frequencies, adapting with gain and clipping
  • Bass filter post gain stage for versatile tonal adjustments
  • Blends LED soft breakup with MOSFET/JFET compressed saturation
  • Boost control enhances front end drive, perfect for lead/solo moments and increased gain
  • Handcrafted using top quality components for reliability and superior sound
  • Robust all metal wedge enclosure ensures durability and resilience during use
  • Striking two tone graphics and medical imagery for a distinctive visual appeal
  • Clear, branded LEDs indicate pedal status
  • Retains classic, rich analog characteristics for natural and dynamic tones
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a lifetime warranty for lasting reliability


What Life Support is, and what is it used for:

Introducing the Intensive Care Audio Life Support: your solution to bland guitar tones and lackluster soundscapes! Say goodbye to Bland Guitar Syndrome and Excessive Aural Dryness with this high quality, all analog overdrive and distortion pedal.

Handcrafted in London, England, by Intensive Care Audio, Life Support is meticulously built with top notch components and boasts a soft touch, relay based true bypass for seamless operation.

Featuring six intuitive controls, the Intensive Care Audio Life Support offers a diverse range of tonal remedies, allowing you to fine tune your sound exactly as you desire. Whether you're aiming for a gritty crunch or a smooth, soaring distortion, Life Support has got you covered.

Regular use of the Intensive Care Audio Life Support isn't just about enhancing your music, it's about finding relief from common musical ailments. Elevate your playing experience and explore a world of sonic possibilities with Life Support at your feet.

Don't let Bland Guitar Syndrome hold you back any longer. Transform your sound, unlock your creativity, and revitalise your music with Life Support, the ultimate remedy for lacklustre tones and musical dry spells.

How to take the Life Support:

Dosage guidelines for using the Intensive Care Audio Life Support to address guitar effect deficiency vary based on your individual need. Your doctor will recommend the appropriate duration for using the pedal. Typically, for adults, usage spans one to two hours, twice daily. To prevent dizziness, it's advisable to use the Intensive Care Audio Life Support after meals.

If you happen to forget a dose, promptly use Intensive Care Audio Life Support when remembered and continue with your regular schedule. Avoid taking a double dose to compensate for a missed one, as this may lead to irreversible mind bending (Mindbendinitis). Always adhere to the prescribed dosage for optimal results.

Possible Side Effects:

Just like any medication, this product may have side effects, but not everyone experiences them.

Serious side effects:

  • Sudden time signature shifts
  • Feelings of nausea or vomiting
  • Increased anxiety
  • Challenges in playing riffs
  • Overestimating your skill level on the instrument
  • Judging others' gear with superiority


  • PREAMP: Tailors overdrive from clean sparkles to rich, natural tube like breakups and gritty distortion
  • VOLUME: Adjusts overall output, including during BOOST engagement for amplified presence
  • TOP: Delicately tames heightened frequencies as gain and clipping settings evolve for balanced sound
  • BOTTOM: Shapes bass output post gain stage, offering variable bypass for versatile tonal adjustments
  • CLIPPING: Seamlessly blends between LED's soft, transparent breakup and MOSFET/JFET's compressed saturation
  • BOOST: Enhances front end drive, elevates gain, and amplifies for powerful lead/solo moments in tandem with overdrive

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Premium components deliver unparalleled performance and exceptional tone
  • Unique blend between LED and MOSFET/JFET clipping for varied textures
  • Features soft touch relay based true bypass for seamless operation and signal integrity
  • 9V centre negative compatibility
  • Battery operation is not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 18 mA bypass
    • 98 mA maximum

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 111 mm / 4.3 in
  • Width: 59 mm / 2.3 in
  • Height: 31 mm / 1.2 in


  • 386 g
  • 0.85 lbs

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