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JAM Pedals Carbonator (20% Off RRP)

Carbonator (20% Off RRP)


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  • One of a kind Custom Shop fusion of JAM Pedals' diverse dirt effects in a striking carbon effect housing
  • Only available via FX Pedal Planet Online Store
  • Fusion of varied dirt effects: Doubledreamer, Rattler, Red Muck, Eureka, and the Dyna-ssoR compressor
  • Offers diverse sonic landscapes, from warm overdrive to thick fuzz and dynamic compression
  • Each effect contributes unique sonic signatures, allowing versatile and customisable sound options
  • Hand built to deliver top notch quality, reliability, and durability for long lasting performance
  • Robust, all metal enclosure ensures durability and protection for internal components
  • Striking carbon effect finish lends a unique and visually appealing look to the multi effects pedal
  • Vibrant green LED indicators add visual flair and complement the pedal's overall aesthetic
  • Top mounted jack sockets ensure easy access and efficient cable management
  • Lifetime warranty ensures long term confidence and peace of mind


Discover the exclusive offering at FX Pedal Planet Online Store, a game changing addition to your setup, the JAM Pedals Carbonator. There is only one JAM Pedals Carbonator in the world and FX Pedal Planet Online Store is proud to offer it to our customers.

The Carbonator represents a fusion of JAM Pedals' conventioanl dirt effects range, encased in a striking carbon effect housing. With vibrant green LED indicators enhancing its visual allure, this multi effects pedal promises both sonic excellence and eye catching aesthetics for your setup.

Featuring the Doubledreamer, Rattler, Red Muck, Eureka, and the Dyna-ssoR compressor for customisable input boost and compression, the Carbonator delivers a comprehensive range of dirt effects for enthusiasts of diverse tonal landscapes.

For musicians seeking versatility, the Carbonator offers the flexibility to use each effect individually or creatively combine them, unlocking endless avenues for sonic exploration.


Introducing the JAM Pedals Dyna-ssoR, a compressor designed to enhance your guitar's tones. With a high quality NOS CA3080 chip, it offers vintage thump and sustained power, adapting to balance dynamics or amplify presence. Its finely tuned circuits ensure clarity in every note, regardless of settings. Explore nuanced controls for precise output adjustment and compression customisation, allowing expressive playing that suits your musical style. The Dyna-ssoR provides effortless musical expression, inviting exploration of new sonic territories in a compact, versatile design.

For more information and demo's of the Dyna-ssoR, please click, SHOW ME MORE.


  • LEVEL: Fine tune your sound intensity for versatile, crystal clear control, whether amplifying or refining it
  • SUSTAIN: Craft dynamic textures using tailored compression for expressive, melodious resonance and prolonged sustain

Double Dreamer

The JAM Pedals Double Dreamer houses the Tubedreamer and Lucydreamer overdrive units, this compact multi effects pedal packs a punch with three key features for ultimate tone control. Its high gain stage footswitch amplifies tones, while a toggle directs this power to the Tubedreamer, Lucydreamer, or both. Internal dip switches transform jacks into Send/Returns, enabling unique signal chain placements or individual activation.

The Tubedreamer delivers warm overdrive with a tailored midrange, employing asymmetrical clipping for nuanced responsiveness. Conversely, the Lucydreamer offers a broad gain spectrum, maintaining clarity from dynamic breakup to high gain saturation. Together, they create six distinct gain structures, granting unparalleled sonic versatility.

This handcrafted unit, fittingly compact, allows stereo setups for lush parallel overdrive and is perfect for shaping tones across different amps. The Double Dreamer is your gateway to new and exciting overdrive textures, offering precise control over six gain stages in real time.

For more information and demo's of the Double Dreamer, please click, SHOW ME MORE.


  • RIGHT FOOTSWITCH: Engages the Lucydreamer
  • LEFT FOOTSWITCH: Engages the Tubedreamer
  • MIDDLE FOOTSWITCH: Engages the high gain function
  • LEVEL (LEFT): Controls the Tubedreamer’s output level
  • TONE (LEFT): Adjusts the Tubedreamer’s tone
  • GAIN (LEFT): Sets the Tubedreamer’s gain level
  • Three way toggle switch assigns the high gain function as follows - Left assigns it to the Tubedreamer - Right assigns it to the Lucydreamer - Middle assigns it to both
  • MIX: Sets the blend ratio between the clean and overdriven signal for the Lucydreamer
  • LEVEL (RIGHT): Controls the Lucydreamer’s output level
  • TONE (RIGHT): Adjusts the Lucydreamer’s tone
  • GAIN (RIGHT): Sets the Lucydreamer’s gain level
  • LEFT INTERNAL TRIMMER: Sets the high gain stage output level for the Lucydreamer in relation to the low gain stage
  • RIGHT INTERNAL TRIMMER: Sets the high gain stage output level for the TubeDreamer in relation to the low gain stage


Rattler is JAM Pedals’ unabashed distortion monster.

JAM Pedals pulled out all the stops to make sure the Rattler will get you all the amazing tones of great early ‘80s ProCo RAT® distortion boxes.

After extensive research and development, JAM Pedals created the Rattler to be more responsive to pick attack and fretting nuances, resulting in an open, dynamic, overdriven tube amp feel.

The JAM Pedals Rattler includes an asymmetrical clipping circuit, carbon comp resistors and of course the legendary NOS LM308N chip.  The featured star of this design are the main ingredients of a great recipe resulting in the Rattler shining through any modern or vintage rig.

Enjoy fat and creamy distortion courtesy of the devious snake.

For more information and demo's of the Rattler, please click, SHOW ME MORE.


  • LEVEL: Tailors the pedal's output volume to suit your desired sound level
  • TONE: Shapes and refines the tonal character of your instrument
  • GAIN: Sets the pedal's level of distortion or overdrive for varied textures

Red Muck MKII

The JAM Pedals Red Muck II, a fuzz distortion pedal, evolves the ’71 “triangle” and later “Red Army/Civil War” Muff circuits, offering an enticing appeal to Muff aficionados. With a signature touch, it amplifies the classic, offering a smoother, beefier low end, pronounced midrange, and expanded tonal options via an extended tone knob range.

This multi effects pedal delivers an extended saturation range, diverse compression, and sustainable sustain. Its boost footswitch elevates the circuit's front end, creating thicker walls of fuzz distortion or, with lower gain settings, functions as a high gain stage switch.

A two way toggle alternates between symmetrical and asymmetrical “+” clipping modes, catering to both sustained Muff tones and colossal Stoner Fuzz Distortion walls. Whether seeking Gilmour esque lyrical tones or massive fuzz, this pedal delivers. Versatile enough for bass and other instruments, the Red Muck II embodies sonic seduction in a compact package.

For more information and demo's of the Red Muck MKII, please click, SHOW ME MORE.


  • RIGHT FOOTSWITCH: Switches on and off the rich tones of the Red Muck MKII distortion pedal
  • LEFT FOOTSWITCH: Activates the boost function for added punch and versatility
  • LEVEL: Manages the pedal's output volume for perfect sound balance
  • TONE: Shapes and refines the Red Muck's distinctive tone to suit your preferences
  • GAIN: Sets the pedal's gain level, offering various degrees of distortion
  • TWO WAY TOGGLE: Alternates between symmetric and asymmetrical “+” clipping modes for diverse tonal flavours


JAM Pedals envisioned a fuzz circuit merging the dynamic midrange of germanium fuzz with the robust Muff style distortion. Enter the JAM Pedals Eureka! This pedal achieves this alchemy through its proprietary silicon transistor architecture, harmonising the best of both worlds. Versatile and cooperative, it seamlessly complements various effects, guitars, basses, amps, and pickups while retaining its distinctive character.

Its three way toggle progressively adds low end, ideal for transitioning between single coil and humbucker guitars or elevating solos. Engage the toggle towards the lightning symbol with a robust signal for the Eureka!’s gated fuzz response, an exhilarating feature to explore. This pedal embodies versatility and personality, a fusion of two iconic fuzz realms in a harmonious, pedalboard-friendly package.

For more information and demo's of the Eureka!, please click, SHOW ME MORE.


  • LEVEL: Manages the pedal's output volume for your preferred sound intensity
  • TONE: Fine tunes the pedal's tone, shaping its sonic character to your liking
  • GAIN: Adjusts the pedal's gain level for various distortion or overdrive textures
  • TOGGLE SWITCH: Selects bass boost options – Middle: no boost, Left: +1 boost, Right: +2 boost.

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Premium components deliver unparalleled performance and exceptional tone
  • 9V centre negative compatibility
  • Battery operation is not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 35 mA bypass
    • 193 mA maximum engaged

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 165 mm / 6.5 in
  • Width: 395 mm / 15.55 in 
  • Height: 50 mm / 1.97 in


  • 1550 g
  • 3.42 lbs

Official UK Dealers

FX Pedal Planet Limited and FX Pedal Planet Online Store proudly serve as official UK dealers for JAM Pedals effects pedals. If we do not have the specific JAM Pedals pedal you are looking for, please reach out to us via the contacts page, and will order it on our next stock order for you at the best price and customer service.

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