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JAM Pedals Pink Flow

Pink Flow


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  • A selection of JAM Pedals classic pedals in one unit designed to create those “Pink” tones
  • A broad spectrum of versatile tones, spanning overdrive, distortion, fuzz, modulation, and delay effects
  • Versatile and intuitive controls offer nuanced tone shaping across gain, modulation, and precise EQ adjustments
  • Delay Llama featuring TAP tempo with various subdivisions for precise rhythm adjustments
  • Trails mode on the Delay Llama for smooth decay and natural fading echoes
  • Input for an external TAP tempo device to sync rhythms with ease on Delay Llama
  • Effects loop between overdrive and modulation sections for integrating additional effects into the signal chain
  • Utilises BBD chips and draws inspiration from classic circuits
  • Well designed multi effects pedal for silent operation
  • Expertly built by hand for precision and quality
  • Robust metal enclosure ensures durability and protection for internal components against rigorous use
  • Hand painted graphics offer a distinct, exclusive appearance for every pedal
  • LED power indicators provide easy visibility, signalling pedal status during operation
  • Top mounted jacks and DC input
  • Relay based true bypass switching for pristine, unaffected signal when the effect is disengaged
  • Lifetime warranty signifies confidence in the pedal's durable and reliable construction


Introducing the Pink Flow, a powerhouse of sound crafted by combining the best of JAM Pedals. It's not just about creating your signature "Pink" riffs, but elevating them to a whole new level.

The JAM Pedals Pink Flow offers a future proof array of effects, ensuring you "Shine On" in any musical scenario. Crafted with 100% handmade analog circuitry, the JAM Pedals Pink Flow maintains the integrity of your unique tone. Say goodbye to messy setups, with true or buffered bypass (hello, Delay Llama trails mode) and no patch cables, simplifying your rig becomes a breeze. Minimise setup time, reduce weight, and keep your focus where it belongs: on making music.

Let's break down what makes the Pink Flow stand out:

  • TAP Tempo and Subdivisions: Precision control with TAP tempo and subdivisions on the Delay Llama
  • Versatile Looping: An FX loop between the overdrive and modulation sections for adding extra effects


Following the Pink Flow's launch, JAM Pedals encountered a surge of requests for standalone Seagull effects pedals. Responding to this demand, they unveiled the Seagull as a standard addition, offering enhanced controls and expanded features.

The JAM Pedals Seagull provides a choice between the iconic "seagull" sound from Pink Floyd's "Echoes" or vintage cocked wah tones reminiscent of the celebrated Red Fasel inductor found in the JAM Pedals Wahcko. Users can seamlessly switch between these distinct sounds, delivering a versatile and dynamic range of effects. The Seagull’s refined controls and extended functionalities cater to musicians seeking premium, customisable effects within a single pedal.

For more information and demo's of the Seagull, please click, SHOW ME MORE.


  • L: Craft your perfect volume output for your ideal volume balance
  • F: Fine tune frequencies to precision, sculpting your tone with nuanced adjustments
  • S: Explore three distinct sweep ranges for versatile and dynamic modulation effects
  • C: Switch between seagull and cocked wah modes for varied tonal expressions
  • Footswitch: Toggle between momentary and traditional ON/OFF modes for intuitive operation


Presenting the JAM Pedals Dyna-ssoR, an exceptional compressor.

Powered by a premium NOS CA3080 chip, the JAM Pedals Dyna-ssoR unlocks vintage warmth and enduring power. Its adaptability shines through whether you aim to harmonise your guitar's dynamics or amplify its resonance, ensuring a seamless fit for your musical preferences.

JAM Pedals' commitment to finely tuned circuits meet simplicity and precision in the Dyna-ssoR. Each note resonates with remarkable clarity, irrespective of your chosen settings, enhancing the musical experience.

With nuanced controls, the JAM Pedals Dyna-ssoR facilitates effortless musical expression, inviting exploration into uncharted sonic landscapes.

For more information and demo's of the Dyna-ssoR, please click, SHOW ME MORE.


  • LEVEL: Volume up or dial down for versatile, crystal clear sound control
  • SUSTAIN: Sculpt compression and sustain, shaping dynamic, expressive, and melodic resonance


When JAM Pedals first introduced the Tubedreamer58, the market lacked 808 style pedals. Since then, JAM Pedals stood by their assertion: the JAM Pedals Tubedreamer remains among the finest 808 style overdrives available.

Crafted with a finely tuned midrange frequency register, the Tubedreamer produces a lush, warm overdriven tone adaptable to any amplifier.

Setting itself apart, the JAM Pedals Tubedreamer utilises three diodes for asymmetrical clipping, heightening responsiveness to playing nuances, be it fretting or picking, setting it apart from other Tubescreamers.

Utilising carbon comp resistors and the revered JRC4558D chip like the sought after 808 originals, the Tubedreamer58 maintains that classic sound. An added high gain stage toggle switch extends its gain range, offering a broader spectrum of sonic possibilities.

For more information and demo's of the Tubedreamer, please click, SHOW ME MORE.


  • LEVEL: Tailor your output level for the perfect volume suited to your sound
  • TONE: Shape your tone with precision to enhance your unique sound profile
  • GAIN: Set the perfect level of gain to achieve your desired distortion or overdrive
  • TOGGLE SWITCH: Easily switch between high and normal gain stages for versatile sonic exploration

Red Muck MKII

The revamped JAM Pedals Red Muck MKII emerges as an enticing upgrade, ready to captivate even the most discerning Muff enthusiasts.

The JAM Pedals Red Muck MKII fuzz distortion pedal draws inspiration from the revered circuits of the '71 "triangle" and the later "Red Army/Civil War" Muff iterations. JAM Pedals' unique modifications infuse a smoother, beefier low end, pronounced midrange, and enhanced tonal adaptability via an expanded tone knob range.

Experience a wider spectrum of saturation, along with versatile compression and sustain options at your fingertips.

Engage the boost footswitch to access a finely tuned circuit section, delivering thicker walls of fuzz distortion or, at lower gain settings, serving as a high gain stage footswitch.

Toggle between symmetrical (akin to the Red Muck MKI) and asymmetrical "+” clipping modes using the two way switch, catering to early sustaining Muff tones or massive stoner fuzz distortion soundscapes.

Ideal for capturing Gilmour's lyrical tones, the JAM Pedals Red Muck MKII accommodates guitarists seeking that distinct sound. Moreover, its versatility extends to bass guitars and various instruments, ensuring a compelling sonic experience across genres.

For more information and demo's of the Red Muck, please click, SHOW ME MORE.


  • RIGHT FOOTSWITCH: Activates the Red Muck for powerful, versatile fuzz/distortion effects
  • LEFT FOOTSWITCH: Engages the boost function for an extra punch in your tone
  • LEVEL: Adjusts the output level for balanced, tailored sound
  • TONE: Fine tunes the Red Muck’s tone for your desired sonic signature
  • GAIN: Sets the level of distortion or overdrive to match your style
  • TWO WAY TOGGLE: Easily switch between symmetrical and asymmetrical “+” clipping modes for diverse tones


A cherished choice among guitarists, bassists, and keyboardists alike, the JAM Pedals Waterfall has secured its place on the pedalboards of industry luminaries such as John Scofield, Nels Cline, Steve Lukather, Anthony Jackson, and John Mesdeski. Renowned for years, it stands as a pinnacle among analogue chorus/vibrato effects pedals.

Equipped with faithful BBD chips reminiscent of the Panasonic MN3207, the WaterFall offers versatility through two toggle switches. The first toggles between chorus and vibrato modes, while the other dials in a "wetter" effect, amplifying the depth for a modern, immersive chorus or intensifying the vibrato's allure. Pushing the Depth and Speed controls to their limits unveils mesmerising Leslie speaker like effects.

The JAM Pedals Waterfall delivers an incredibly versatile, dimensional sound that has even won over staunch chorus sceptics. Its richness and depth make it a standout tone shaping machine.

For more information and demo's of the Waterfall, please click, SHOW ME MORE.


  • DEPTH: Enhance modulation depth over the Dry signal for rich, immersive tones
  • SPEED: Set your ideal modulation speed for dynamic, rhythmic effects 
  • “C / V”: Easily switch between chorus and vibrato modes for diverse modulation
  • “+ / -“: Choose between subtle or pronounced Waterfall modulation effects effortlessly


The JAM Pedals Ripple pays tribute to the essence of two stage phasing, delivering a truly distinctive, resonant "vibey" tone.

Infuse new vitality into your funky rhythms, enrich arpeggiated melodies with profound modulation, or push boundaries for animated, eclectic passages.

Integrating before or after overdrive pedals, the JAM Pedals Ripple showcases the rarity of two stage phasing circuits in contemporary times. JAM Pedals' unwavering belief in its genuine and direct sonic qualities fuels their pride in including the Ripple as their definitive offering within this genre. Whether exploring nuanced textures or unleashing expressive tones, this pedal promises an immersive and authentic phasing experience.

For more information and demo's of the Waterfall, please click, SHOW ME MORE.


  • SPEED: Dial in your desired modulation pace for versatile and dynamic effects.

Delay Llama MKIII

The JAM Pedals Delay Llama MKIII stands as a cornerstone in shaping your signature sound, infusing warmth and depth through its organic repeats, driven by BBD chips like the faithful Panasonic MN3205 reproductions.

Tailored for delay enthusiasts seeking to refine their tone, the JAM Pedals Delay Llama MKIII mirrors the elegance of a tape echo machine, emphasising straightforward functionality without superfluous features.

Elevating this modern classic, the JAM Pedals Delay Llama MKIII introduces Tap Tempo with subdivisions and a Hold (self oscillation) function, enhancing its utility while preserving its user friendly design. Switch effortlessly between buffered trails or true bypass modes to suit your preferences.

With a maximum delay time of 600ms, this pedal accommodates both guitarists and bassists, promising versatility and sonic depth, making it an essential addition to any musician's toolkit.

For more information and demo's of the Delay Llama MKIII, please click, SHOW ME MORE.


  • LEVEL: Tailor repeat volume atop your dry signal for a balanced, clear echo experience
  • TIME: Define your desired delay time for precise, rhythmic echoes
  • REPEATS: Adjust repeat quantity to craft layered, atmospheric soundscapes
  • THREE WAY TOGGLE SWITCH: Choose between quarter, eighth, or dotted eighth notes for rhythmic versatility

Not just a set and forget setup, the JAM Pedals Pink Flow also allows customisation with three trimmers located on the blue PCB. Adjust settings for WaterFall's speed, Delay Llama's repeats, and trails decay amount.

Experience the power of the JAM Pedals Pink Flow, designed to inspire and empower your musical journey, whether you're onstage or in the studio. Elevate your sound, simplify your setup, and focus on what matters most: your music.

Click Here To View JAM Pedals Pink Flow Product Manual

Components and Technical Specifications

  • High quality parts ensure durability and consistent performance over time
  • 9V centre negative compatibility
  • Battery operation is not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 102 mA bypass
    • 269 mA maximum engaged

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 165 mm / 6.5 in
  • Width: 395 mm / 15.55 in
  • Height: 55 mm / 1.97 in


  • 1740 g
  • 3.84 lbs

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