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JAM Pedals Ripple Bass

Ripple Bass


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  • A dedicated vintage style two stage phaser pedal tailored exclusively for bass
  • Creates versatile textures from subtle to pronounced modulation
  • Delivers rich, immersive tones for deep sonic landscapes
  • Caters to your playing dynamics and style
  • Adjust modulation speed for dynamic tonal shifts
  • Meticulously assembled by hand for precision and quality
  • Provides excellent shielding for internal components, ensuring reliability
  • Hand painted graphics create a one of a kind appearance for each pedal
  • Clear LED indicator for instant power status recognition
  • Preserves the instrument's natural sound when the effect is off
  • Side mounted jacks and DC input optimise pedalboard connectivity
  • Offers a lifetime warranty for worry free ownership and long term assurance


Introducing the JAM Pedals Ripple Bass phaser, a tribute to the classic two stage phasing design meticulously tailored to revolutionise the bass experience.

With a specific calibration for bass frequencies, the JAM Pedals Ripple Bass takes the spotlight with its modulation, delivering lush, textured tones that invigorate funky grooves and elevate arpeggiated sections with its distinct vibe. Its proud uniqueness injects depth and character into your sound, offering an unparalleled sonic identity.

Boasting versatility as its hallmark, the JAM Pedals Ripple Bass effortlessly breathes new life into funky rhythms and breathes personality into quirky passages, offering a myriad of sonic avenues. Seamlessly complementing both pre and post overdrive pedals, it seamlessly integrates into any setup.

Although two stage phasing circuits are rare in today's landscape, their authenticity and straightforwardness are values championed by JAM Pedals. This passion drives the Ripple Bass to stand as the epitome of the brand's commitment in this genre.

A word of advice: vintage style two stage phaser pedals, like the Ripple Bass, optimise performance for passive pickups and electronics. For those wielding hot output active instruments, be cautious as specific settings might clip the pedal's input stage. But fear not, dive into the lush world of the JAM Pedals Ripple Bass.

Embark on a journey with the Ripple Bass Phaser and unlock a universe of rich, textured modulation meticulously crafted exclusively for your bass frequencies.

Click Here To View JAM Pedals Ripple Bass Product Manual


  • SPEED: Adjust modulation speed for dynamic tones

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Crafted from top tier materials to ensure dependable and unwavering performance
  • Fine tuned for bass frequencies
  • 9V centre negative compatibility
  • Battery operation is not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • Less than 10 mA bypass
    • Less than 10 mA bypass

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 111 mm / 4.3 in
  • Width: 59 mm / 2.3 in
  • Height: 31 mm / 1.2 in


  • 231 g
  • 0.51 lbs

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