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Summer School Electronics The Class Reunion

The Class Reunion


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  • Versatile dual effect pedal combining Muff fuzz and Trash Panda overdrive with customisable tones and blend control
  • Varied tonal palette from classic Muff fuzz to versatile Trash Panda overdrive
  • Expressive dynamics react to your playing style for nuanced, expressive performance
  • Separate EQ, drive, and blend knobs offer precise, customisable sound shaping
  • Blend Muff fuzz and Trash Panda overdrive with independent controls and diode options
  • Expertly crafted by hand ensuring superior performance and durability
  • Durable all metal enclosure ensures road ready protection and consistently optimal performance
  • Fun graphics featuring a trash panda and school themed art
  • LED power indicator provides clear, instant status feedback for easy operational monitoring
  • Transparent true bypass maintains guitar's original tone integrity with noise free signal path
  • Top mounted jacks and DC input streamline setup and maximise pedalboard space


The Class Reunion overdrive fuzz distortion from Summer School Electronics is a game changer for guitarists, bassists, and baritone players seeking to explore a diverse range of tones. This innovative pedal combines the rich, iconic sounds of a 90’s Russian Muff with the versatile overdrive of the Summer School Electronics Trash Panda, allowing you to craft your unique sonic identity.

At the heart of The Class Reunion are its dual circuits, each offering distinctive tones. The Muff side, controlled by BLACK KNOBS, delivers the classic fuzz and distortion that have defined countless rock anthems. With the silicon diodes, you get that unmistakable, balanced Muff tone, ideal for powerful, cutting leads and dense, textured rhythms. Switching to the LED diodes adds a darker, more robust sound with enhanced low end, perfect for deep, heavy riffs and driving bass lines.

The Summer School Electronics Trash Panda side, marked by GREEN KNOBS, provides a versatile overdrive experience. In the LED mode, it produces warm, amp like overdrive, evoking the feel of vintage tube amplifiers with smooth, rich harmonics. The silicon diode setting offers a lower output with a sharper, fizzier edge, giving you a crisp and articulate drive that cuts through any mix.

The true genius of The Class Reunion lies in its blend knob and diode selection switches, which offer unparalleled flexibility and tonal variety. The blend knob allows you to seamlessly mix the thick, saturated distortion of the Muff with the more nuanced overdrive of the Summer School Electronics Trash Panda. This feature lets you create a hybrid tone that is uniquely yours, whether you need a full bodied wall of sound or a subtle, intricate texture. By adjusting the blend, you can find the perfect balance for any musical style or performance setting.

The diode selection switches further enhance this versatility. Each circuit has its own toggle switch, allowing you to choose between silicon and LED diodes. This feature means you can tailor the response and character of each side to suit your preferences and needs, from the Muff’s classic fuzz to the Summer School Electronics Trash Panda’s diverse overdrive palette.

With independent Drive and Tone controls for each side, Summer School Electronics The Class Reunion provides a playground for tone enthusiasts. Whether you're dialling in the vintage growl of the 90’s Muff or the refined overdrive of the Summer School Electronics Trash Panda, the possibilities are endless. The BLACK KNOBS let you fine tune the Muff side, while the GREEN KNOBS control the Trash Panda, making it easy to shape your sound with precision.

Renowned guitarists have used the 90’s Russian Muff to create iconic tones on legendary albums, and The Class Reunion brings that heritage to your pedalboard. By merging these classic sounds with modern flexibility, The Class Reunion opens up a world of new creative possibilities.

The Class Reunion is not just a tool but an invitation to explore. Its sleek design and intuitive controls make it an essential companion for any musician looking to push the boundaries of their sound. Whether you're in the studio, on stage, or jamming at home, Summer School Electronics The Class Reunion is your key to discovering new tones and crafting unforgettable riffs.


  • FOOT SWITCH: Instantly turn your pedal on or off with a simple press
  • VOLUME: Adjusts the overall output level to match your setup perfectly
  • BLEND: Seamlessly mix Muff and Trash Panda circuits for limitless tone creation

Muff Side

  • DRIVE: Control the intensity of your classic Muff distortion and fuzz
  • TONE: Shape the Muff’s sound from deep lows to bright highs
  • SI/LED SWITCH: Choose between classic silicon and rich LED Muff tones

Trash Panda Side

  • DRIVE: Fine tune the amount of Trash Panda’s overdrive for precise gain control
  • TONE: Adjust the Trash Panda’s sonic character from warm to crisp
  • SI/LED SWITCH: Switch between silicon’s crisp drive and LED’s smooth overdrive

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Expertly crafted with premium components for dependable performance and exceptional tonal quality
  • Powered by standard 9V centre negative supply
  • Battery operation not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 5 mA bypass
    • 7 mA maximum

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 118 mm / 4.7 in
  • Width: 93 mm / 3.6 in
  • Height: 34 mm / 1.3 in


  • 388 g
  • 0.86 lbs

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