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Victory Amplifiers V4 Sheriff

V4 Sheriff


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  • Versatile, two channel, pedalboard friendly valve preamp delivering classic rock to high gain tones, perfect for live gigs, studio recording, and home use
  • Offers classic rock warmth to aggressive high gain tones with true valve dynamics
  • Responsive, dynamic, and incredibly satisfying, offering a tactile connection to rich, authentic valve driven tones
  • Features dual channels, a comprehensive three band EQ, bright switch, and master volume
  • Robust, high voltage design for dynamic, authentic valve driven guitar tones
  • Utilises premium EC900 and CV4014 valves for authentic, dynamic guitar tones
  • Durable folded steel chassis for reliable, pedalboard friendly performance
  • Features striking gold colour with black sheriff graphics for a standout, stylish appearance
  • Provides visual feedback for power status and channel selection, ensuring easy operation
  • Allows tidy cable management and integrates seamlessly with pedalboard setups
  • Enjoy a 5 year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects and faulty components
  • Valves (tubes) covered for 2 years due to NATO specifications for reliability


The V4 The Sheriff by Victory Amps is your ultimate solution for transforming your guitar setup with superior tones. Designed as a versatile, all valve pedal preamp, this compact powerhouse delivers the renowned Victory Amps Sheriff tone in a pedalboard friendly format. Whether you're at home, in the studio, or performing live, the V4 The Sheriff offers unparalleled functionality and portability.

The Victory Amps V4 The Sheriff preamp isn't your typical overdrive. With its two channel design, it provides a full spectrum of sound. Channel one effortlessly transitions from edge of breakup to heavily driven classic rock tones, perfect for those seeking that vintage vibe. Channel two takes you into modded ‘plexihigh gain territory, offering aggressive midrange and powerful output.

Equipped with 1 x EC900 and 3 x CV4014 valves running at high plate voltage, the Victory Amps V4 The Sheriff preamp stands out as the first pedal format preamp to feature four valves and a pure all valve signal path. This configuration ensures that every note you play is enriched with authentic valve driven warmth and clarity, making your performance stand out.

One of the standout features of the Victory Amps V4 The Sheriff preamp is its adaptability. Use it directly in the front end of your amplifier or seamlessly integrate it within your amp’s effects loop to bypass the front end entirely, giving your setup a fresh, dynamic sound. For recording, simply connect to an interface and enjoy high quality tones directly in your digital workstation.

The V4 Sheriff’s TRS jack allows for remote switching, giving you control over on/off and channel switching either through a two button latching footswitch or a modern programmable switching unit. This flexibility means you can keep the pedal off the floor and safe from potential damage, perfect for those who prefer a tidy setup.

The Victory Amps V4 The Sheriff preamp is built for the road. Its folded steel chassis and protective kick bar ensure it can withstand the rigors of touring. The Victory Amps V4 The Sheriff preamp also features powerful bass, middle, and treble controls that not only shape your tone but also influence the gain and drive levels, mimicking the behaviour of a traditional valve amplifier.

For those concerned with pedalboard placement, the Victory Amps V4 The Sheriff preamp should be treated as the front end of your amp. Place your regular drive pedals before its input, and keep your reverb and delay pedals in the loop for the best results. The Bright switch optimises the Victory Amps V4 The Sheriff preamp for whatever you’re plugging into, ensuring you always get the best sound, regardless of your setup. 

Whether you’re performing fly dates, recording, or just jamming at home, the Victory Amps V4 The Sheriff preamp is the portable guitar amplifier that brings the high quality tones of a full amp rig in a compact and highly functional package. Experiment with different setups and unleash a world of sonic possibilities.

Valve Story

The CV4014 valves in the pedal were manufactured in 1981 at Mullard factory, Mitcham, Surrey, England for the British Ministry of Defence. They were stored in a climate controlled underground facility at Royal Navy Supply Depot, Spring Quarry, Wiltshire, part of a cold war nuclear bunker complex. The EC900 valve, used in the first stage (and second in The Copper), is a low noise triode made by E.I. (Elektronska Industrija) in former Yugoslavia under Philips & Mullard license, utilising Philips equipment acquired post their European closure. These valves are exceptionally reliable, hence covered under the extended two year warranty.


  • VOL1 / VOL2: These controls dial in the gain for each channel, shaping your overdrive and tone
  • MASTER1 / MASTER2: Set these to zero before starting. They control each channel's output level and can produce powerful sound
  • BASS / MIDDLE / TREBLE: Adjust these EQ controls to shape your tone and tweak gain levels for both channels
  • BRIGHT SWITCH: Optimise the pedal’s output EQ to match your amp. Choose the setting that sounds best for your setup
  • CHANNEL1/2 Footswitch: Switches between VOL1 / MASTER1 and VOL2 / MASTER2.
  • BYPASS Footswitch: Engages or disengages the pedal. The bypass mode varies with your amp connection and is also remotely switchable

Rear Panel

  • INPUT: Plug in your guitar or connect your front end pedals here, just like your amp’s preamp
  • THROUGH: In AMP THROUGH MODE, connect this to your amp’s front panel input for normal signal flow
  • LOOP IN: Use this in AMP THROUGH MODE with your amp’s FX loop send or preamp out for seamless integration
  • LOOP OUT: Connect this to your amp’s FX loop return or power amp in when using AMP THROUGH MODE
  • EFFECT OUT: In STANDALONE MODE, connect to your amp’s front input or FX loop return for versatile output options
  • REMOTE SWITCH: Use a 6.3mm TRS jack for remote control, switching the pedal on/off and between channels
  • POWER (12Vdc IN): Requires a 12V DC, 800mA supply. Use the included PSU for optimal performance, avoiding daisy chaining

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Built with high quality materials for exceptional durability and outstanding performance
  • Features 1 x EC900 and 3 x CV4014 valves for authentic, rich valve tones
  • Crafted with a folded steel chassis and protective kick bar for durability on the road
  • Includes a dedicated 12V DC, 800mA power supply, ensuring reliable performance
  • Battery operation is not supported

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 79 mm / 3.11 in
  • Width: 225 mm / 8.86 in
  • Height : 140 mm / 5.51 in


  • 1650 g
  • 3.6 lbs

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